Frequently Asked Questions


Both Sunday morning and Sunday evening services generally last a little over an hour.

It is our goal to use music that will help you to express your praise to God and to celebrate His presence among us. The Sunday morning service is generally led by a small worship team which may include guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and vocals. Most of the music has been written in the last thirty years, but we also try to include some of the songs which connect with people who have been attending church all their lives. Sunday evening follows a more traditional approach, using songs primarily from the hymn book accompanied by accordion, keyboard, and drums.

Our children are valued members of our congregation. The children join with us in the first twenty minutes of the Sunday morning service and enjoy a few moments with the Pastor before leaving for Sunday School. Presently our number of children is small enough that the children are generally divided into just two classes. There is also a main floor nursery in which parents can care for their infants while still being able to see and hear the service.

Offerings are received in every service through which our regular members and attenders express their devotion to God and the work of His church. Our guests and visitors are under no obligation to give.

We offer Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month. The Wesleyan Church practices an open communion, which means that anyone, who can in good conscience respond to the invitation, is invited to receive communion regardless of whether they are members or regular attenders. Again there is no obligation to receive communion if you are uncomfortable doing so.

There is no specific dress code. Some of our congregation choose to “dress-up,” and others are comfortable coming in casual attire.


The Wesleyan Church is a branch of Methodism that traces her roots in Canada back through the United States to England and the revivals of the mid-1700’s sparked by the fervor of John and Charles Wesley. These men felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to unashamedly declare the truth of God’s Word while at the same time demonstrating God’s grace to the poor, the downcast, and the marginalized.

Today The Wesleyan Church is an evangelical, protestant, Bible-believing denomination with congregations in eighty countries around the world. For more information on the history and beliefs of The Wesleyan Church please visit

Our local church came into existence in 2000. We spent our first four years worshipping in several different rented facilities in the city Our present location at 111 Park Avenue in Mount Pearl was purchased in 2004 and serves as the base for our ministry here in the metro-region.

Presently we are in the very early stages of trying to develop a network of satellite ministries in metro St. John’s which we pray will extend across the province. Our belief is that small churches can make best use of their resources by centralizing administration and decentralizing ministry. The Bible says that “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us” (John 1:14). Our desire is for small pockets of the church to be present and active in as many ways and in as many locations as possible.

Individuals or groups who may wish to develop a satellite of Solid Rock in their area are welcome to contact us.


We are always pleased to welcome new people into the Solid Rock family and we hope that people who do come will not just attend but dive into the life and mission of the church.

Probably the best place to get started is by attending one of our services but please feel free to e-mail us if you would like to get involved in one of our discipleship groups or ministries.

We have a variety of weekly, monthly, and annual events designed to assist people in their spiritual growth and relational needs. For a brief description of each of our groups please visit the Ministries page of this website.

Our Pastor is glad to meet with anyone who would like to discuss these significant events. However, he reserves the right to only conduct those ceremonies that are in harmony with his own conscience and in keeping with The Wesleyan Church’s understanding of the teachings of Scripture.

Please phone or e-mail to set-up an appointment. (709) 747-3799 or

Since the building is in use most days of the week we are not in the habit of renting it out for community or personal use.