A main floor nursery complete with rocking chair, change table, and toys is available for use during all services. Parents are invited to care for their own infants in the nursery.

Sunday School

Presently all children, ages 3 to 12 meet for Sunday School during the second half of the morning service. The children take an active role in the first half of the service and share a few very interactive moments with the Pastor before they go downstairs. There are two classes. The one for children up to age four is called Bible Land, and the one for older children is called Faith Factory.


MAD (about Jesus) LAB is a science based interactive Children’s event (ages 5-12) that takes place once per month on a Friday evening. The purpose of the event is to help children to learn important bible-based life lessons using cool science experiments to illustrate the principles being taught.

Supper is served, the experiment conducted, and hands-on applications experienced all in a fast-paced environment.

Registration and parental permission is required in order to attend. Registration information and forms are available upon request from the church office. (747-3799)

Wesleyan Women

Our Ladies group meets annually in May or June to plan out events for the year. These include leadership of a Sunday service, a community service event, an outreach event, a missions event, and a secret sister program.

Men's Breakfast

Our men’s group meets on the third Saturday of each month for breakfast, to share good food and fellowship. We make it a point to pray for one another and to leave encouraged.

Small Groups

Small groups are the primary discipleship tool of Solid Rock Wesleyan Church. We believe that when Jesus commissioned His disciples to “go and make disciples” He gave some strong clues as to how disciples are made. He spoke of “baptizing” to indicate that discipleship begins with a Genuine Conversion; He spoke of “teaching” to indicate the importance of a solid Biblical Foundation; He spoke of “obedience” to acknowledge that our moral and ethical decisions are the result of Deliberate Choices; and He affirmed His abiding presence to emphasize the importance of transformation – Becoming more and more like Him.

At Solid Rock we have grouped Jesus’ commands into three broad areas – Love, Do, and Give. Our goal for Disciples, and for our small groups, is to see people becoming Relationally Whole, Fruitfully Engaged, and Consistently Generous.

Please contact the church office for more information about small group times, locations, and study topics.