Welcome to Solid Rock Wesleyan Church

Satellite Churches

Solid Rock has chosen to take a satellite approach to church growth and discipleship because it allows us to centralize administration and decentralize ministry. What that means from a practical point of view is that the administrative function of the church is invested in a few gifted individuals so that the ministry of the church can be carried out in multiple locations by those whose gifts and passion are for connecting with people and making Christ known at a grass-roots level. Through this model it is possible, even for small groups of people in communities across this province, to have vibrant and healthy churches without being burdened down by financial and leadership concerns.

Our Next Satellite Location

We believe that the roots of faith run deep in Newfoundland and, specifically, we believe that the roots of Methodism, planted more than 250 years ago, are ready to bring forth new life once again. We are always on the look out for potential planters and locations for our next satellite. Whether that location is within the greater St. John’s area or beyond is still a matter of sincere prayer.

Anyone in Newfoundland who might be interested in spear-heading the establishment of a Solid Rock satellite in your neighborhood or community is invited to contact the Pastor of Solid Rock.